Welcome to PointLessCast®

Now compatible with CastrateNet®!

While others claim to give you news, we don't lie to you. Our business purpose is to soak up network bandwidth so badly that the only thing that can get through is our advertising. We use standards-based TCP services to spew forth a never ending stream of hard-sell commercial drivel, in the hopes that at least 0.05% of the listening public will break down and stick a crowbar in their wallet.

In addition to providing a constant stream of advertising, our service can be used by innovative businesses to deny others from getting anything done. Simply buy a subscription for your competitor, and you can keep anyone else on their ethernet from accomplishing anything useful, and thereby gain an advantage in the business world. Think of how that would look on your yearly report!


System Requirements:
Windows 95 or NT 4
IQ < 90
idle time
excess bandwidth

What is PointLessCast®?

BOY ARE WE LOUD Ours is the only news broadcast network that is also a denial of service attack on the Internet. By spewing forth mindless nonsense of the type found on television, we are able to successfully saturate any network link connected to the Internet. If someone is stupid enough to invite us into a firewall, we can even reach an Intranet! For an extra charge, we'll even poke our way inside without invitation.

Simply speaking, PointLessCast Network is the most exciting way to get no news while sucking up the maximum amount of network bandwidth. You call it a denial of service attack, but we call it clever marketing. As an added bonus this month only, we include "ping of death" packets every few minutes, depending on available bandwidth.

Internet broadcast Personalized It's Free!
PointLessCast is the equivalent of a TV test pattern. Just keep those venture capital dollars flowing and maybe nobody will notice. Due to random delivery problems from using UDP packets, each person viewing PointLessCast Network will see something slightly different. We call that "personalized service". Not really. You don't need to pay us money, but you'll pay us in your wasted time.

This site is brought to you by the letter "gee".

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