Desktop Counterfeiting Software

the real thing?
Are you having trouble making ends meet?
Are you looking for a little extra spending money?
Do you have access to a color laser printer?
Then you should order our Desktop counterfeiting software kit!
Thanks to the new technology of the digital age, you can make money in the privacy of your own home. All you need to change the course of your life is a home computer, a color laser printer, and our software kit.

It's easy with our new Desktop Mint® software kit. Our software kit contains everything you need to start making money:

We use only the highest quality images of currency to produce our product, and we offer a no-money back guarantee. Software is written in Java, so is available on almost every platform. Order now at only $59.95 (no cash please). Additional paper is available at a price of $1.89 per sheet.

Coming soon: other currencies!

Note: due to technical difficulties in overcoming the cryptography, we are unable to offer software to counterfeit e-cash.

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